Insulated Garden Offices for Year-Round Comfort

Insulated Garden Offices for Year-Round Comfort

With more people continuing to work from home full-time, or within a hybrid scheme, home offices are becoming increasingly prominent in many homes across the UK. Adding an insulated exterior garden office to your home is a practical investment to create that extra space for whenever you will need it.

What Is an Insulated Garden Office?

Well, an insulated garden office is a high quality manufactured building that is completely detached from the home and is built using the same premium-grade materials used in modern houses. This creates a detached space that is effectively an extension to your home, and as a result, is completely comfortable to use in any season. Though they are named 'garden offices', and that has proven the most popular use, they can actually be used for anything you can think of - so don't feel limited.

Benefits of an Insulated Garden Office

Usable all year round

By being warm in the winter, cool in the summer, breathable and watertight, all of our bespoke garden offices are fully insulated as standard, giving you the freedom to comfortably work from home all year round, keeping your productivity high no matter what the weather. You may think that a garden office would only be a great place to work in the summer, however, the colder winter months and their brisk temperatures are completely held off by our complex insulation layers. Saving you money on those electric heater energy bills!

Creates a professional space

A detached office in the garden can be a great way to add more professionalism to your home workspace than that of a room in your home. As a private room away from the noise and distractions of the house, you can have your video conference or face to face client meeting in peace knowing you won't be disturbed by general household noise. Additionally, with your office being all the way at the end of the garden, it is much easier to keep your home and work life separate. Keeping a distinction between these two sides of your life and creating the perfect work-life balance.

An adaptable addition to any home

A garden office building is a completely flexible space. What you use as your garden office Monday to Friday could easily become a cinema room to use over the weekend. Make the most of your garden office by creating a multi-purpose space.

Great Value Office Space

With general inflation increases, renting an office space has proven difficult for many due to the multiple increasing costs involved, where the rent payments ultimately amounting to nothing as far as investment goes. So, by adding a quality-built, insulated garden office to your home, rather than a cheaper, uninsulated garden office, you are adding value as well as an additional all-year-round useable space. And, what's more, in no time at all, you will have made the money back to pay for your high-quality garden office in what you would have spent on rent.

Save on Commuting Costs

Having an insulated garden office not only saves you money in rent and transportation costs but also time in your commute. In the winter months when heating up the car or walking to the bus stop feels like a nightmare, you will really feel the benefit of that 30-second commute down the garden. In addition to this, not using your car everyday or paying for public transport will save you significant costs in the long run, as well as help you do your part in reducing your area's CO2 emissions!

How do we Ensure our High Standard of Insulation?

During construction, we ensure the walls, roof and floor are all fully insulated to keep the outside elements at bay and the internal environment warm and comfortable in the winter and alternatively cool in the summer.

We do this by having framing (to give the end user more flexibility) and sandwiched within this is extensive rigid foam insulation, our aim is to create an air-tight room, which then people can control the ventilation and air temperature themselves. The level of insulation we use is the same as which we use for our garden rooms and orangeries, which conforms to current building regulations so rest assured you will not be too warm in summer or too cold in winter.

Decorate for seasonality

The purpose of decorating a garden room is to enhance the natural warmth and light that comes through the windows in the summer while maintaining warmth and cosiness in the winter. So, de-cluttering your garden room as much as possible, and storing away things you don't need in each season will really help keep your garden room the perfect venue. For instance, having a woodpile next to your wood burner is an attractive and convenient feature in the winter, but will simply take up space in the summer, at the risk of making your garden room feel confined. Which, isn't an ideal feeling if you're relaxing or hosting.

How to get yours

An insulated garden office that can be used all year round could be one way to transform your working life for the better. With our fully bespoke designs and build that can be tailored to your precise needs, we make the best use of your space, enabling you to work efficiently. To find out more about our insulated garden offices or to enquire about yours, contact us today!

Insulated Garden Offices for Year-Round Comfort