Use Your Conservatory All Year Round

Fall back in love with your renovated conservatory

Too often, people dream of a conservatory that will allow them space to relax and enjoy being closer to their garden, but the reality is that traditional glass or polycarbonate roofed conservatories are too hot in summer and too cold in winter, only being comfortably usable for a few weeks during the change of seasons.

We offer a wide selection of bespoke cost effective products to renovate your conservatory so you can extend the life of your conservatory and increase its usability into a room that is pleasant and useful through all the seasons.


Use Your Conservatory in Comfort All Year Round

With a combination of enhanced insulation and new roof systems, we will effectively convert your conservatory into a usable room, which can be used every day in comfort whatever the weather. All of our conservatory re-roofing meets current Building Regulations requirements so you will not only be sure that you have a strong structured and weatherproof roof, but you can enjoy comfortable temperatures all year round.

Specialists in Converting Conservatories With an Insulated and Solid Roof

Make the most of your conservatory and transform it into a usable and comfortable room with a much wider range of purposes. With a conservatory reroof and insulation you can transform your living space and quality of life and use it for a wide range of purposes such as a living room, dining room or simply as a quiet and comfortable place where you can switch off and enjoy your garden or hobby.

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  • Are conservatory insulations more cost efficient?

    Yes, insulating your conservatory ceiling can make your room more energy-efficient as the ceiling insulation helps to keep warm air in and reduce your heating bills.

  • Does a conservatory insulation need planning permission?

    Planning consent is not required for conservatory insulations. The existing conservatory stays in place, so building work, disruption and costs are all kept to a minimum.

  • What happens to waste material produced when building and installing the insulated conservatory roof?

    All waste material is also removed and properly sorted for recycling in accordance with regulations, so your property is left as clean as we find it!

  • How long does it take to install the conservatory roof insulation?

    We can usually complete the transformation within a week - all for a fraction of the cost of a new garden room or orangery.

  • Is there a choice of colour finishes?

    The new ceiling blends perfectly with your conservatory, and can be painted to suit your taste.

Conservatory Re Roof and Roofing Systems

Lightweight Zinc Roof

A Light Weight Zinc Roof Solution is a great way of retrofitting your conservatory into a room that is useful and pleasant all year round. With a U-Value of just 0.18, you will never experience extreme temperatures again!

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EPDM Rubber Roofing Material

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) waterproof rubber roof membrane sheeting is a great way of retrofitting your conservatory into a room that is useful and pleasant all year round.

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Lightweight Tiles

Lightweight tiles look like traditional roof tiles and can be added to your conservatory roof and create a room that is useful and pleasant all year round and is more aesthetically pleasing.

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Orangery Lantern

Another popular option to replace a conservatory roof whilst being cost effective is to remove the conservatory roof and create a flat roof with a glass roof lantern. Very similar to the orangeries we offer, but we use the existing base, brickwork, frames and elevations.

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What our clients say

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We are so chuffed, we love our new garden room, it looks amazing and the temperature fluctuations have vastly improved. We are very happy customers and we will highly recommend you to others.

Quote marks

From looking at your stand at the Royal Norfolk Show to completion this has been the most trouble-free installation we have ever experienced. Thank you for all your calm efficiency. We are really enjoying using the conservatory to sit in.

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We are very pleased with the finished garden room and high standard of work, and look forward to being able to use the room all year round.

Quote marks

They have done a brilliant job, and would recommend you to anyone. I can’t believe we now have a room that can be used all year round, won’t get unbearably hot in the summer or freezing cold in the winter, and won’t need buckets to catch the leaks!

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Your three workmen all carried out the job with extreme efficiency. They were very clean and tidy and made the process go well. Many thanks, will be spreading the word among our friends.

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I am so pleased with the work done. It’s amazing how much warmer it feels, don’t think I believed those promises but have been really nicely surprised.

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We now have a conservatory that we can use throughout the winter, also I don’t have all that mildew to clean off the ceilings and walls in the spring that I've had in the past. What a difference!

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Thank you so much for all your hard work on our extension. You have been so easy to have around and dispelled many of the stereotypical worries we had about builders!

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We are really delighted with the room, it is exactly what we had hoped for.

Quote marks

Thank you so much for all your hard work on our extension. We really appreciate your patience with our questions, lists and hand holding that we have needed at certain points.

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We are delighted with the transformation of our conservatory which now allows us to use it more extensively, being warmer in winter and cooler in summer.