Orangery Lantern

Another popular option to replace a conservatory roof whilst being cost effective is to remove the conservatory roof and create a flat roof with a glass roof lantern. Very similar to the orangeries we offer, but we use the existing base, brickwork, frames and elevations.

What are the main advantages?

  • Your conservatory is transformed into a lovely 'all year' room due to the additional roof insulation we install and the roof lantern is a wow factor.
  • Provides energy cost savings
  • More aesthetically pleasing than traditional polycarbonate
  • Less maintenance required than traditional conservatory roofing
  • Reduced rain noise and glare from the sun

Will my conservatory be suitable?

Most conservatories are suitable. We’ll happily check yours when we visit. If your conservatory is old, or needs some additional repair work - don’t worry! We can carry out those works as well.

My window frames and doors are broken, can you replace these too?

Yes, as part of the works we can replace your doors or window frames, this is no problem. It gives your conservatory a fresh new look.

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Orangery Lantern