Stunning Conservatory to Orangery Transformation

Stunning Conservatory to Orangery Transformation

In this day and age, many homeowners have outdated, unusable conservatories just sitting there attached to their homes. We believe that a bespoke home extension should be an asset to your home which you utilise in everyday life. That's why we're here to offer our services to anyone looking to transform their old conservatory into something beautiful, yet usable.

Let's take a look at an example of one of our transformation projects, Conservatory to Orangery;

Initial thoughts

The client came to us simply looking to fix the leaking roof and to improve the insulation issues in their conservatory. Their additional concerns weren't just for the functionality of their conservatory but the fact that the extremely outdated extension attached to their home was truly unpleasant for them to even look at. Due to these multiple factors, they were unable to use the room at all due to these issues and it became a wasted space within their home.

We undertook a detailed site survey and discovered foundation issues with their conservatory which could be solved with underpinning. This is not something our team takes lightly, as building on top of the previous foundation issues could cause poblems in the future.

Leaking roof and insulation issues in a conservatory


We next carried out in-depth discussions with the client, listening to not only their needs but their wants. We discussed multiple cost-effective solutions, from which the client decided an Orangery transformation was the best option for them.

This is where design took the reigns. Listening to the client's brief, the plans were created, in which the layout of the room was altered. We proposed some large cupboards at the back of the room, creating the ultimate hidden space for the client's washing machine and household items.


To begin our newly designed project, the first step was to dismantle the current conservatory and remove a section of the surrounding roof thatching to allow us full access. From this, we were then able to carry out underpinning to ensure the foundations and structure is strong enough to hold the orangery, while maintaining the beautiful tiled floor and brickwork that the client had in the old conservatory.

Following this, on the front elevation we removed some of the conservatory brickwork and then completed new brickwork with a large aperture to later install large bifold doors.

Our next step is where the real beauty of the orangery started to fall into place. We began by installing the wooden roof frame structure, insulation and creating a bespoke aperture for the roof lantern to sit. We deck the area surrounding the lantern with the required slope so water does not settle on the roof. We then got to work installing the glass roof lantern and fitting the firestone branded rubber roofing material, which is incredibly durable and waterproof, ensuring the client would not have the same leakage issues as they previously had with their conservatory.

Final Touches

Now the external Orangery transformation was complete, there were only a few final steps left. We fitted the bifold doors to the front elevation, and installed brand new guttering and facias to the build. We then headed inside to add the plasterboard and plaster and skirting board, all ready for the client to decorate their new Orangery exactly how they pleased.

Complete, a successful Orangery Transformation

From a leaking, cold and unusable conservatory, just 6 weeks later our client now has their very own bespoke Orangery. Their lovely comments to us after living with their new Orangery for a few weeks were “We're very excited and happy. We feel it has completely changed the whole house. Being able to sit to look out at the garden and views unlike before. The orangery has become the heart of the house due to the layout. Our house is old and has traditional features and this has really added to the house.

To discuss how we can transform your old conservatory into a beautiful new Orangery or Garden room, give us a call on 01603 720005 or fill in our online form.

Interior photo of the Conservatory to Orangery transformation Exterior photo of the Conservatory to Orangery transformation Interior photo of the Conservatory to Orangery transformation
Stunning Conservatory to Orangery Transformation

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