Conservatory Insulation

Do you have an existing conservatory that you find gets too hot in Summer, and too cold in Winter? Would you prefer the comfort of a Garden Room or Orangery, but are unable to afford a complete replacement? If so, our Conservatory Insulation could be the perfect answer for you and will extend the use and life of your conservatory.

A Conservatory Insulation is a simple, quick and cost effective way of transforming a conservatory into a room that is pleasant and useful all year round. The existing conservatory (including the roof) remains intact, and the inside of the roof is transformed into a 'normal' insulated and plastered ceiling.

"The existing conservatory stays in place, so building work, disruption and costs are all kept to a minimum. Planning consent is not required, and we can usually complete the transformation within a week - all for a fraction of the cost of a new garden room or orangery."

The new insulated ceiling is specially designed to reflect the sun’s heat in the summer, helping to keep your conservatory cool on hot days. In the winter the ceiling’s insulation helps to keep warm air in and reduce your heating bills (welcome with fuel prices being high). The new ceiling blends perfectly with your conservatory, and can be painted to suit your taste. The ‘outdoor room’ feeling is retained, with added all-year-round comfort as insulation is the key factor to comfort. Glare from bright sunlight and noise from rain are both significantly reduced.

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